Wayne D. Spencer; Conservation Biology Institute; wdspencer@consbio.org; Brian Shomo, Deanne DiPietro, Douglas Deutschman

Stephens' kangaroo rat (Dipodomys stephensi; SKR)--recently downlisted from federally endangered to threatened--is protected across a network of reserve lands in Riverside and San Diego Counties, California. The diversity of ownerships and jurisdictions involved has made it difficult to coordinate management and monitoring efforts, or to track progress towards species recovery goals. An interagency team recently completed a rangewide SKR management and monitoring plan, which uses an innovative habitat model, created using variables derived from updateable satellite imagery, as a foundation. During summer-fall of 2022, cooperating agencies completed the first year of systematic population monitoring under the plan using standardized live-trapping grids randomly distributed on reserves across the range and stratified by habitat value--thus establishing the first rangewide baseline for tracking SKR status and trends. In addition to providing one-stop shopping for information about SKR biology, populations, threats, and management techniques, the plan will help diverse agencies be more efficient and effective in using their limited resources to recover the SKR.

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