Online Abstract Submission
2024 Annual Meeting
The Western Section of The Wildlife Society
February 6 - 9, 2024
Sonoma Wine Country
Rohnert Park, CA

The Abstract submission deadline has passed.
We are no longer accepting abstracts for the 2024 Annual Meeting.

We are soliciting abstracts for in-person posters and 20-minute oral presentations for the scientific technical sessions at the 2024 Annual Meeting of the Western Section of The Wildlife Society.

Abstract content should be related to the technical session topics listed below, but additional topics may be entertained if sufficient presentations are submitted. The conference program committee will evaluate the submitted abstracts to determine the final concurrent session topics and technical session program. Oral presentations will be recorded and available online for six months.
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  • Submitting an abstract does not imply acceptance or a guarantee of a place in the program. Some submitted papers or posters will likely not be accepted because they may not be suited to the conference, encounter scheduling problems, or have other issues.
  • We will finalize our oral and poster presenter schedule by the 1st week of December and will notify all who have submitted abstracts of their status at that time. Decisions to accept or not accept papers or posters are solely the responsibility of the Program Committee.
  • The committee expects that your co-authors are aware of and have approved this abstract.
  • Oral and Poster Presenters are expected to pay the conference registration fee and cover their own travel expenses.
  • For more information check out the Western Section Annual Meeting website coming soon:

Annual Meeting Plenary Theme Surviving and Thriving: Embracing our Adaptability Amidst a Changing Climate
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Abstracts should not exceed 200 words, excluding title and author addresses.

Please refer to our Call for Papers document for an abstract example and complete details on oral and poster presentations at our 2024 Annual Meeting.
Deadline October 27th, 11:59pm Pacific Time
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Note: Session titles may be added or changed at a later date based on papers received. If a group has the desire and sufficient participants to create a unique session please contact the program chair (Brooke Langle

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Student Presentation Awards Competition All undergraduate and graduate student oral and poster presenters are eligible to participate in the student awards competition. All student participants will receive positive remarks and constructive criticism from experienced wildlife biologists as well as cash rewards for the top presentations. (Refer to Call for Papers for complete details on program and eligibility.) Note, student posters with incomplete results are not eligible for the judging program.
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The Abstract submission deadline has passed.
We are no longer accepting abstracts for the 2024 Annual Meeting.