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2023 Mid-Year Mingle Virtual Symposium
The Western Section of The Wildlife Society
Sunday, October 22, 2023

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VIRTUAL MID-YEAR MINGLE & SYMPOSIUM - October 19/20/22, 2023 We are accepting abstracts for virtual 20-minute oral presentations to be presented at the Mid-Year Mingle Symposium. (Abstracts must be submitted by Friday, October 13, 2023.) Those who are presenting virtually at the Mid-Year Mingle will give their talks live over Zoom at their scheduled time on Sunday morning, October 22, 2023. Priority for virtual talks will be given to those who are not able to present in-person at the Annual Meeting.

The Mid-Year Mingle will also include presentations and social events on the evenings of October 19th and 20th – Speakers include Matthew Bettelheim, who will give a presentation on Storytelling in Science, and Dr. Melissa Price who will present on Mentoring. There will also be an opportunity at both evening sessions to break-out into small groups to discuss, network and connect. We hope you will join us!

Please know that submitting an abstract does not imply acceptance or guarantee a place in the program. Some submitted papers or posters will likely not be accepted because they may not be suited to the conference, encounter scheduling problems, or have other issues. Decisions to accept or not accept papers or posters are solely the responsibility of the Program Committee. The committee expects that your co-authors are aware of and have approved this abstract.

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Abstract submissions are now closed